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Portable Indicator (HDI-10)

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Portable Indicator


The product shows signal of potentiometer and micro voltage output sense, which used strain gauge, into digital display and analogue output as portable indicator.

  • Measuring DATA storage (Max 500)
  • Peak hold
  • Auto zero
  • HI, LO comparison lamp display


Usage voltage
DC 9V battery
Current consumption
Input signal
Load Cell : 1.0~3.0mV/V
Potentiometer : 100~10Kohm
Load display
4 1/2 digit LCD
Display range
Display speed
About 10 times/sec
Decima point
Random setting available
A/D sampling speed
100 times/sec.
A/D resolving power
Zero adjustment range
100% F.S. (Auto zero)
Data storage
Measuring data storage (Max 500)
Serial data out
RS232C Serial Interface