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Digital Indicator (DI-10B)

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Digital Indicator


The products have digital display, analogue output and relay output function as a suitable model of pressure sensor between sensor with voltage output and one with electric current.

  • Best for measuring pressure
  • Sampling : 15 times/sec
  • High accuracy(over ±0.02% F.S) and stability
  • Calibration of actual load and sensor output value
  • Filtering: 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, W/B
  • System error automatic return


Application sensor
Voltage & current output sensor
Sensor authorized voltage
DC 24V (DC 12V : Option)
Signal input range
DC 0~10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA
Display range
Character height
5 digit 7 segment FND
Zero variation
Within 0.5μV/°C
Sensitivity variation
Within 0.01%/°C
DC0~10V(4~20mA : Dip S/W adjust)
Relay mode
Hysteresis, Range function
Contact capacity
AC 125V-0.5A, AC 24V-1A
AC220V 50/60Hz
(AC 110V, DC 24V : Option)
About 700g


  • OP-C1 : RS232C serial interface
  • OP-C2 : RS485 multidrop interface
  • OP-C3 : BCD paralle out