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Digital Indicator (CT-20W)

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Digital Indicator


The product shows signal of voltage and current output sensor where the amplifier is not necessity, specially the thing which is suitable in pressure and the displacement measurement sensor. A/D it converts the output signal of sensor and do a digital display and analogut output, relay output.

  • Best for measuring pressure, displacement
  • Rapid sampling speed (100 times/sec)
  • High resolving power (16bit A/D)
  • High accuracy (over 0.02% F.S) and stability
  • One touch Auto zero (Display & Analog out zero)
  • Calibration of actual load and sensor output value
  • Syetem error automatic return


Application sensor
Voltage & current output sensor
Sensor authorized voltage
DC 10V, 24V
Zero adjustment range
100% F.S(Auto zero)
Signal input range
DC 0~10V, 4~20mA
Display range
Character height
7 segment LED 14mm
A/D converter
16bit 100times/sec
D/A converter
Zero variation
Within 0.5μV/°C
Sensitivity variation
Within 0.01%/°C
DC 0~10V(4~20mA : Option)
Contact capacity
AC 250V 5A
Relay life span
Over 5 million times
usage temperature range
Less than 80%RH
AC 220V 50/60Hz
(AC 110V, DC 24V : Option)
About 800g


  • Peak & Sample hold
  • Upper and lower limit comparison output
  • NG, OK decision function
  • 4 Relay out
  • Analog out(DAC)


  • OP-01 : BCD parallel out
  • OP-02 : RS232C serial interface
  • OP-03 : RS485 multi drop interface
  • OP-05 : 8 step open collector output